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Adirondack Chair

Approximate Dimensions:  

38 in.H x 33 in.W x 36 in.D

**Price: $120  

Double Adirondack Chair with Table

Approximate Dimensions:

38 in.H x 75 in.W x 36 in.D

**Price: $250 without Umbrella  

          $300 with 9ft Umbrella

Adirondack Side Table

Approximate Dimensions:
21 in.H x 16 in.W x 24 in.L

** Price $50

Garden Bench

Approximate Dimensions:

18 in.H x 18 in.W x 48 in.L

** Price $110

Garden Potting Table

Approximate Dimensions:

62 in.H (of shelves)

36 in.H (of work surface) x 62 in.W x 29 in.D

**Price $250

Texas Flag Table
Approximate Dimensions:
28 in.H x 11.5 in.W x 17 in.L
**Price $120 

Texas Flag Serving Tray
Approximate Dimensions:
            11.5 in.W x 17 in.L
**Price $80

Picnic Table

Approximate Dimensions:

8'L x 5'W

**Price $150

Lakeside Lounger
Approximate Dimensions:
80 in. L x 24 in. W x 20 in. H.

Fits standard size lounge cushion. Has 5 different reclining positions from full upright to fully reclined.


**Items pictured are made from aromatic cedar or western red cedar and protected with Cabot's Mahogany Flame deck stain. Substituting a different specie of wood may affect the price.

Please browse our photo gallery for additional pictures including pictures of customized items and check back often as we add new items.